How the ‘right’ nutritional products & health & wellness education can transform your life! It did ours - Lynn

Would you like to…

  • Look great & keep weight off
  • Look great & keep weight off
  • Feel better
  • Have less pain
  • Better mobility
  • Better exercise endurance
  • Be more active
  • Be more productive
  • Be more independent! 
  • Feel empowered.

Our daughter Shannon has traveled a 15-year health battle.  Great information.


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Beware! All supplements are not created equal.  

For years we took supplements and didn’t really notice any health difference.  

We recently learned there are no requirements for supplement companies to have their products third party tested and verified.  They could put anything in them and who would know the difference! Yikes!

A report in 2015 from the NY attorney general found 80% of the supplements tested did not have ANY of the ingredients in them that were listed on the label!  Some even had hazardous ingredients in them!

The products we use have played a big part in recovering our health. 

We are affiliates due to their incredibly clean, safe and effective nutritionals and personal care products.  They go above and beyond…

  • The products are formulated by a scientific advisory board of professionals.
  • They have over 10 third-party certifications.
  • They are clean, safe and effective. You feel a difference!
  • They are whole food based and are free from toxins, additives, preservatives and sugar.

Sustainable weight loss – A revolutionary natural weight loss system thousands have used to transform their health and life. (Email us about the 25-page clinical abstract proving the effectiveness of the weight loss system.) 

Reduce inflammation and pain - 36 superfoods in a liquid pouch.  And a synergistic grape seed and vitamin C formula.

Prevent sickness and stay healthy - Boosting your own immune system is your best defense against viruses and pathogens. (We have a Immune System Boost Pak)

Boost your energy, mental clarity and focus – An invigorating energy-boosting blend of 6 superfruit extracts, L-Theanine, antioxidants and green coffee bean extract.

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