Explore the possibilities! Health improvement begins with a decision

It's great to have you here!  Things have drastically changed since the pandemic. What does that mean?

The increased rate of continuous change affects everyone in negative physical and mental health related ways. It takes longer to accomplish things.  Businesses are not the same. Layoffs, fear, anger, anxiety, loneliness, loss of income, financial pressures, illness, increased stress doing simple things, frustration... and the list goes on. 

As I mentioned in my video, there are two main areas people need help with today:  

Mental and physical health improvement(s)  

Have you been ignoring areas of your health that need improving?   Do you have  financial pressures, anxiety & frustration?  You and I have the capacity to live with purpose and satisfaction in this NewAge IF we take action. 

  • Are you asking questions?  Does your health need improving?  Like right now? 
  • How about developing a side income that's not complex, but simple, with integrity and a path?   
  • Are you wondering what you can do Now?

Nutritional supplements can help:  Clean nutritional products that are 3rd party certified & scientifically formulated. They are plant based nutritionals that use super foods and fruits. (Example: NONI juice from the Polynesian island of Tahiti has 275 phyto-nutrients.) 

  Book a 20 minute call to learn more.  Or email us.

Do you have areas of your health that need improving?  Right now?  

More energy, better weight, better memory and able to be more productive?  

Do you need a plan and support?

OPTION 1:  Book a call with Patty, RN, Mind Model Method coach and Wellness educator.

Improve areas of your health that you may be ignoring.  

Start Here.  email us here:  OR BOOK a call here.  

  • Are you already using nutritionals, but are having a 'no effect' from using them?  Not all supplements are created equal.        Here is a blog post on this topic.

OPTION 2:  Practice being curious. Book a call with Patty, RN.  Change happens when we take action. 

Check out this video:  

Know that we are…

  • Supportive and compassionate -
  • Hard things happen. We don't judge. We listen, ask questions and identify where we can best help you.
  • Provide a plan to go forward for your health improvement. 

Who We Are Looking For...

  • People who are stuck and are looking for a personal health improvment: 
  • People who want more satisfaction in life
  • People who are willing to change and work at it.  Lynn & Patty

 Our core values: 

Honor God, care and compassion, honesty, humor, adaptability, resourcefulness, acceptance and persistence.

  • Mind models have been extensively tested and proven effective for over 25 years.
  • Mind models teach you 'how' to think, not 'what' to think. 
  • Patty is amazing! She has shown me the tools that have helped me successfully cope with and even eliminate some of my common daily stresses. It’s like I speak a new language now.” ~ Lisa
  • Patty as a Mind Model Coach is an amazing blend of life experience, compassion and the ability to deliver clear results for her clients. She skillfully takes the Mind Models and guides the change process. Her client engages and discovers new effective pathways to their desired result.” ~ Blair Dunkley, Creator of Mind Models,