Joining Our Team  -  Things To Know About Us

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Are you curious about developing an income from home by helping people improve their health & wellness?  

Or, help others take their fitness to an entirely new level?  Or, are you looking for a Real Health Transformation?  

We believe in being transparent and honest.  We get excited helping others succeed. Are you a good fit to join our team? Read on. Take the questionnaire at the bottom to find out.

We offer a unique 2.0 nutritional business opportunity, clean products that work and supportive education to transform your life. We experienced a 15 year health crisis and significant financial setback. By God's grace and with persistence, we discovered some game changers.

Don't reinvent the wheel. That's a waste of time, resources and money. 

Benefit from our discoveries.   

Help others experience Real Health Transformation using clean, effective 3rd party certified nutritional support with health and wellness educational information.  

As you do, you will have the opportunity to earn an income from the highest paying compensation plan in the industry.  

What better way to earn an income than by helping others transform their health!

If you are looking for better health, or to develop an income from home, or you are a health & wellness professional looking to help your clients improve their health at a deeper level, know that we are…

  • Highly supportive and compassionate - we mentor, coach and provide resources and training.
  • Team oriented – we gain knowledge and encouragement from everyone on the team.
  • Provide education for personal and professional growth using social media and one-on-one's 


  • People who enjoy health and wellness and invest in their health. If you are teachable, like helping others and have life dreams you are willing to pursue, we are in alignment. Be willing to learn and grow!
  • People who are looking for a personal health transformation: increased energy, less pain, improved memory and focus, healthier weight, and satisfying quality of life.
  • As great as it would be to work together, I want to make sure we are a good fit…for your benefit and ours. If you resonate with the above information and want to talk, schedule with me here on my personal schedule.

 Unique And Disruptive! Here's What We're Up To...

  • Protection for YOUR business! The Representative’s Bill of Rights. This business is a true partnership with legal protection! It is 100% YOURS, an asset that can be sold or willed. 
  • Industry 1st Compensation Plan - 50% payout on every dollar. Eight ways to earn with residual income.
  • A leadership culture that puts people first.  High integrity, authentic, loyal, supportive and committed to your success.
  • Products: Patented, plant based, raw, toxin-free nutritional supplements, personal care & wellness products. Multiple3rd party certifications ensure the highest quality, purity, potency and effectiveness.
  • Products are developed by our Scientific Advisory Board in collaboration with world-renowned experts in the health, wellness and fitness industries. 

If you are looking for an unlimited financial opportunity that makes a difference in people’s lives with compassion and teamwork you are in the right place!

Answer a few questions below to see if we are a good fit to work together!