Facing Difficulties is Inevitable.  What Will You Do To Overcome And Improve?

Greetings. The pandemic of 2020-2022 has transformed into the COST OF LIVING CRISIS.  This is a HUGE challenge for everyone. Additionally the rate of change has accelerated rapidly. There is more uncertainity, illness, job loss, social media unrest, wars and conflicts than ever before.  The media and big tech can no longer be trusted.  News and information has to be sorted for accuracy.  Stress related to living has multiplied!   What are you doing to stay effective?  Are you adapting?  

The increased rate of continuous change affects us negatively: Our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health suffer. It takes much longer to accomplish things.  Business is not the same. Anxiety, frustration, difficulty getting honest answers, loneliness, loss of income, financial pressures, illness, increased stress doing simple things, ... and the list goes on. 

People Are Experiencing a Cost of Living Crisis. Challenges and Setbacks. Living is Harder Than Ever Today.

Do You Need A LIFE COACH?  Become Your OWN LIFE COACH.

  • Are you tired of going in circles?  Stuck in the same place?  Feeling hopeless? Frustrated? Not sure what to do? 

  • Learn to navigate hard things more effectively.

  • Learn How To Be Resourceful In Any Situation.

  • Learn NEW decision making skills. Stay living in the present - not the past or the future. 

  • Change  how you feel and behave by changing HOW you think!

MIND MODELS:  Mind Model Method coaching IS NOT MINDSET based.  Mind Model Methods have been proven effective for over 30 years. They are thought frameworks that enable us to learn "how to think', not just thinking 'what' we receive or are being told.  Learning how to think is vastly more effective than simply following what to think.

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  • Improve relationships: Work, family, friends, marriage and in parenting. 
  • Find hope, humor and clarity with skills that WORK!
  • Become Resource Focused and increase your effectiveness in all situations.

Don't WAIT:  Book a call with Patty, RN, Mind Model Method coach and Wellness educator. 

Improve areas of your health that you may be ignoring.  

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Practice being curious. Book a call with Patty, RN.  Change happens when we take action. 

Know that we are…

  • Supportive and compassionate -
  • Hard things happen. We don't judge. We listen, ask questions and identify where we can best help you.
  • Provide a plan to go forward for your health improvement. 

Who We Are Looking For...

  • People who want to go forward but don't know how.  Who are willing to invest in themselves to improve their emotional and mental well being. Who want to learn 'how' to think and evaluate challenges. 
  • People who want to learn how to navigate difficulties in this world and become your own LIFE COACH.
  • People who are willing to change and work at it. -   Lynn & Patty

 Our core values: 

Honor God, care and compassion, honesty, humor, adaptability, resourcefulness, acceptance and persistence.

  • Mind models have been extensively tested and proven effective for over 25 years.
  • Mind models teach you 'how' to think, not 'what' to think. 
  • Client Story: Patty is amazing! She has shown me the tools that have helped me successfully cope with and even eliminate some of my common daily stresses. It’s like I speak a new language now.” ~ Lisa
  • Patty as a Mind Model Coach is an amazing blend of life experience, compassion and the ability to deliver clear results for her clients. She skillfully takes the Mind Models and guides the change process. Her client engages and discovers new effective pathways to their desired result.” ~ Blair Dunkley, Creator of Mind Models,