Optimize Your Health ~ Access A New Social Selling Platform ~ Earn Money

It's great to have you here!  We are living in a NewAge. What does that mean? The rate of continous change affecting everyone is unmatched in history.  Lockdowns & shutdowns continue.  Business closures, masks & social distancing, layoffs, fear, anger, lonliness, loss of income, financial pressures, illness, increased stress, frustration... and the list goes on. 

As I mentioned in my video, there are two main areas people need help with today:  

Health improvement(s) and the need for a side income

Have you been ignoring areas of your health that need improving?   Do you have  financial pressures, anxiety & frustration?  You and I have the capacity to live with purpose and satisfaction in this NewAge IF we take action. 

  • Are you asking questions?  Does your health need improving?  Like right now? 
  • How about developing a side income that's not complex, but simple, with integrity and a path?   
  • Are you wondering what you can do Now?

How about a way to use your phone to earn money buying, making sales and educating on a NEW Social Selling platform?  It's user friendly. Not complex. (I've been testing the beta version.) 

The line of 8 brands include clean nutritional products that are 3rd party certified & scientifically formulated. They are plant based nutritionals that use super foods and fruits. (Example: NONI juice from the Polynesian island of Tahiti has 275 phyto-nutrients.) 

The company has a long term business model with leaders of integrity. Check it out for yourself.   You can work from from home with a reasonable start up *investment.  Schedule a call with me.  

Do you have areas of your health that need improving?  Right now?  

More energy, better weight, better memory and able to be more productive?  Do you need a plan and support?

OPTION 1:  Improve areas of your health.   

Start Here.  email us here:  OR Schedule a call here.  We'll listen and help you find the best fit for you.

  • Are you already using nutritionals, but are having a 'no effect' from using them?  Not all supplements are created equal.        Here is a blog post on this topic.

When you join as a Brand Partner - You save 30% on 8 different brands.  You stop buying ineffective supplements and redirect your current spending. 

OPTION 2:   Use your phone to make money. Do you need another source of income?  Is not affected by circumstances outside of your control?  One that utilizes a New Social Selling Platform allowing you to use your phone as a sales and marketing tool.

Check out this video:  You don't have to start from scratch figuring out how to make an income from home.  

This is not a get rich quick thing. You do have to learn and invest some time.

Know that we are…

  • Supportive and compassionate - we mentor, coach and provide resources.
  • Team oriented – we gain knowledge and encouragement from everyone on the team.
  • Provide education for your personal growth and development. 

Who We Are Looking For...

  • People who need a personal health improvment or transformation: 
  • People who are entrepreneurial - open to earning money from a business.  Teachable, like helping others.  Have life goals you are willing to pursue.   Willing to learn and grow!
  • If this information aligns with your thinking, schedule with me below on my personal calendar.  I look forward to talking with you! - Lynn

 Benefits That Are Redefining an Industry

  • Access A NEW Social Selling Platform All From Your Phone or Tablet
  • Protection for YOUR business! The Representative’s Bill of Rights. It is 100% YOURS, an asset that can be sold or willed. 
  • Industry 1st Compensation Plan - 50% payout on every dollar. Eight ways to earn with residual income.
  • A leadership culture that puts people first.  High integrity, authentic, loyal, supportive and committed to your success.
  • Products: plant based, raw, toxin-free nutritional supplements, organic better for you beverages, personal care & wellness products. Multiple3rd party certifications ensure the highest quality, purity, potency and effectiveness. Products that 'you feel better' using.
  • The products are developed by the Scientific Advisory Board in collaboration with world-renowned experts in the health, wellness and fitness industries. 

If you would prefer to talk with us that would be great.  Schedule with Patty or Lynn here:  

Optionally, answer a few questions below to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Note: This is not a get rich quick scheme. Developing a business requires learning, patience & diligence.