The Shakedown Report:  By Dr. Ginger

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You: Ingredients You Don’t Want In Your Shakes

Protein and meal replacement shakes are a big deal these days.

But did you know that many of the ingredients contain toxins and can contribute to weight gain?

  • Learn what toxins and fake ingredients are commonly used in shakes that harm your health.
  • Learn how Fructose turns into FAT!
  • Discover a totally clean & healthy shake that your body will love!

The Vitamin Robbers Report: Dr. Ginger

Feeling weak? ~ Can’t sleep? ~ No energy? ~ Super Fatigued? ~ Digestion Off? ~ Brain Fog?

Medications Rob Your Body of essential nutrients. 

  • Learn which medications deplete your body of essential nutrients needed for good health
  • Discover the necessary steps needed to protect your health from the negative effects of drug induced depletion. 
  • Discover scientifically formulated 3rd party certified nutritional supplements that effectively replenish what the medications deplete in your body. Regain energy, strength and productivity.

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Discover The Mammoth Deception For Yourself.

Come out of the dark and into the light. This in-depth 8-page report is essential if you or someone you love are currently taking cholesterol lowering medications.

  • Learn Cholesterol is not the enemy of cardiovascular disease.
  • Cholesterol is made by your body and plays a vital role for good health, including brain health.
  • Learn the truth about what factors cause cardiovascular disease, and why cholesterol isn’t one of them.
  • Learn that cholesterol lowering drugs have numerous side effects and don’t reduce disease.
  • Truth sets us free. Free to make new decisions for our own health.

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Memory / Concentration Questionnaire

Are you experiencing brain fog, poor concentration & focus, & forgetfulness?

This FREE 20 Question Quiz:

  • Helps you identify areas of concern
  • Helps us identify specific nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes to assist you in improving brain function.
  • We offer a FREE wellness consultation with Patty McClurg, R.N. 

FREE Detoxification Questionnaire

Learn The Signs of Poor Detoxification. Get Your FREE Questionnaire. Learn Effective Ways to Detoxify

Toxin build up in our body can cause numerous health conditions – Poor skin ~ chronic fatigue ~ hormone imbalances ~ brain fog ~ memory issues ~ weight gain and difficulty losing weight and overall poor health.

Toxins are everywhere

  • In our food – preservatives, flavor enhancers, colorants and toxins from pesticides.
  • In our water – chlorine in city water systems, lead from old pipes, in bottled water, well water contamination from chemicals used in farming, and the list goes on.
  • In the air we breathe – automobile emissions, diesel fumes, building materials, mold, paints and many others.
  • What we put on our skin – lotions, skin care products, shampoos and makeup.
  • Toxins cause inflammation
  • Toxins negatively affect the immune system – getting sick more often.

We all have a ‘toxic load’ = toxins that remain in our bodies that are stored in our body’s fat cells.

Free Stress Questionnaire

How Stressed Are You? Take the questionnaire and start reducing your stress today!

  • Do you have a stress management plan?
  • Have you identified areas that you need help with?
  • Did you know stress affects our body’s immune system? 
  • Do you seem to get sick often? 
  • Are you prone to headaches, low energy, fatigue, brain fog and irritability?

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