Years ago, before I became a wellness entrepreneur & advisor, my first full-time job after completing my degree was as a Respiratory Therapist in a 500 bed hospital.  I know you might be thinking…what’s a Respiratory Therapist? 

We studied the anatomy & physiology of the heart, lungs and brain and a lot about microbes, viruses, bacteria and lung disease.  We provided respiratory therapy for people of all ages who had acute and chronic respiratory conditions or emergencies affecting breathing and the lungs.

I was just starting my life at 21. I wanted to help people and make a difference.  

Working in a hospital was where I could do that.  As I moved through life I made some discoveries about myself and my strengths.  There are other ways to help people and make a difference that fit better with me.

I also learned about how germs – a generic term for bacteria, viruses, parasites and microbes - get transmitted to people and the importance of having clean, safe air to breath and good handwashing.  I got some real eye-opening experiences too.

NEWS: Prevention of illness is vastly better for us - compared to ignoring basic disciplines of good health.  (10x to 100x better)

One major thing that impacted me was the reality that most of the people I was treating had preventable conditions. There was a huge financial cost, loss of time, productivity and quality of life. 

The Pandemic Brought Attention To -  "How Safe IS The Air I’m Breathing?"

 And I'm NOT just talking about when we were going into stores wearing our mask. I'm talking about where we spend 80% of our time - indoors at home or at work.

  • Indoor air can be 100 times more contaminated than outdoor air.
  • 80 to 90% of our time is spent indoors.
  • “Indoor air pollution is one of the greatest threats to human life”.   [World Health Organization.]
  • What will you do?

But even before this occurred, the quality of the air inside our homes had come under question and scrutiny.  Our health and wellness was being negatively impacted.  The pandemic also shined a light on the quality of people’s health in our country.  

The Pandemic Raised People's Fear, Uncertainty and Anxiety...

  • The flu virus, bacteria, spores, dust and the “C” virus are in the air. 
  • Are you afraid of what's in the air you are breathing?
  • Is your health now a major concern?
  • Do you know the air quality in your home?
  • Is the safety and protection of your family a concern?
  • Do you use toxic disinfectants? (requiring gloves)

3 Keys - To Having Purified and Safe Air in Your Home, Office or Work Environment.

1. Learn…

  • Why you need clean, safe indoor air. 
  • How viruses, bacteria (germs) are transmitted. 
  • Actions you can take to reduce your anxiety and fear.
  • Taking action creates peace of mind
  • The Air Quality of Your Indoor Air is Affected By…

Outdoor Air pollution entering our homes from:

  • Automobiles, diesel burning trucks, factories and rising CO2 emissions.

Grab This Free PDF To Learn More On The Air Purifier System We Use

Inside Air pollution from: 

  • Carbon monoxide from gas burning appliances
  • Building materials – formaldehyde wood products used in the construction of your home
  • Carpeting and foam padding
  • Central heating and cooling devices
  • Household cleaners, personal care products and areas of excess moisture. (Mold)
  • Store bought air fresheners, perfumes, shampoos and hair sprays
  • Fireplaces
  • Second hand smoke from tobacco.
  • Overcooking food.
  • Kerosene space heaters.
  • Indoor particulate matter (a complex mixture of solid and/or liquid particles suspended in air. Particles smaller than 10 micrometers are inhalable.
  • Volatile organic compounds. (VOC’s.) Paint, paint strippers and solvents. Aerosol sprays.
  • Bioaerosols – an airborne collection of biological material.   They consist of living and non-living components. Bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust and fungi.
  • 50% of Americans live in counties where the air is unsafe to breathe.
  • Is the health safety and protection of your family a concern?
  • Do you have certified air purifer(s) in your home?
  • Would you like information?

2. Understanding - There are two primary ways viruses and bacteria are transmitted to humans.

  • By breathing air that contains the virus / bacteria – whether it’s in aerosol droplet from or attached to dust particles.
  • By contacting an object that has the virus / bacteria on it…And it gets into our body – ingesting it in some manner.
  • Once in our body we need a strong immune system to fight for us to maintain our health.
  • Developing disciplines / habits for good health is the first step to an improved immune function.

Of these two ways, viruses and bacteria are transmitted to humans most often through the air.

Basic Facemask Education:

  • The particle size of a virus that is attached to dust or a droplet is (0.1 micron)
  • Basic face masks don’t filter down to the size of the virus particles.
  • An N95 face mask filters 95% of viruses / particles.
  • Viruses attach to dust particles or aerosol droplets when we are speaking or sneezing.  The actual size is 0.1 micron, which is 1/10th of 1/1000th of a millimeter.

How Can We Protect Ourselves In Our Homes And Workplaces? 

To Clean The Air From: Airborne viruses, bacteria, air pollution, pollen, volatile organic compounds, bioaerosols, fung and particulate matter? 

Remember my story early on about the importance of prevention? Here it is again.  Prevention Is Your Best Approach To Staying Healthy

Change your lifestyle - Detox your home 

  • Make changes: Learn and start applying healthy disciplines to improve your health. What my daughter calls ‘Your Healthstyle’. 
  • Putting my Registered Respiratory Therapist 'hat' on, I suggest the following.
  • Purchase an air purification system that have 3rd party certifications.  
  • 1- You identify how the system works and it's effectiveness at removing or killing bacteria and viruses down to the smallest particle size possible. 
  • 2 - The unit has been tested by a third party that has verified the claims.  
  • 3- Warranty, filter replacment cost, capacity and amount of sound emitted are also essential. 
  • We use a highly effective, one of a kind design, air purification system upstairs and down.  It's portable, quiet and meets the criteria I mentioned above.  Here is a PDF on the unit for you to review.  Email or schedule a call with me if you have questions.   
  • Change: 100% of people who make excuses don’t create change in their life.  They are not moving forward.  
  • Change requires you begin noticing any excuses you make. Take responsibility.

As I close, I wanted to share this picture of the 3 goats.  Super cute and a memory for me.

My mom loved goats. Part of her healthy preventative lifestyle was an organic vegetable garden and milking goats for... milk of course.

Contact us or schedule with us if we can answer any questions or help in any way.

Prevention requires developing the discipline & habits for good health.  This will pay you in the present and future years in amazing ways.  10x to 100x in financial savings and quality of life.

After all, if you lose your health you've pretty much lost everything.

Lynn & Patty

About the author 

Lynn McClurg

Need Help? Feel Stuck? Questions? Schedule a consultation call with Patty, RN, Wellness educator and consultant.

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